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Ride Report - Clumber

After a flurry of last minute messages of people wimping out at the last minute - I'll let you off, it was Mother's Day after all - it was a pleasant surprise to see some hardy souls waiting for us down in the village all eager and raring to go.

There were eleven of us in the end. A pretty impressive turnout for the first ride.

First off, thanks to everybody that came and all the great feedback we've received either about the ride yesterday or the kit. Or just about starting the club in general. It's all been appreciated, especially since we had a crazy idea at the back end of last year and yesterday proved that there is a demand for a club in Whiston.

The route

Overall the feedback suggests the route was pretty well thought out. It is after all a route committee members have ridden before. The main thing to take from it and I totally agree is we need to stay clear of town centres. Even on a Sunday morning. It's a lot easier to squeeze 2-3 riders through but it was a challenge even with eleven. Too many traffic lights, traffic calming measures and traffic. So we'll avoid that in the future.

Café stop

It's a National Trust café in a country park. The food and drink was good, but it was very busy even though the park had only just opened when we arrived. Maybe it was down to the Mother's Day crowd? Not sure. I'm not saying we won't go back, but it may be somewhere to avoid on special occasions.

Group riding

We need to practice more, but that's to be expected. We had a few experienced riders, but none who had ridden as a group before. That's fine. We know that now and can add guidance where needed on the route.

Some of the issues we had I think came down to the vast differences in ability/speed of the riders. After speaking to committee members we're going to run two groups once we have enough interest, they'll go to different places and the slower group will run a slightly shorter route, this will allow newer, more inexperienced riders to participate and build up their confidence and ability.

That's about it for now. If you've anything to add, feel free to comment below or get in touch via all the usual channels.

For those that are interest, the next ride is out to Retford.