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Ride Report - Langsett via Deliverance

Let’s just get this straight, Club Captain Rob Reilly is not a big fan of Hills, nonetheless he created this route. Not only that, he, joined by Lee, Ian and Mick reccy’d the hilly part of the route 3 days prior just to see if there were any hidden dangers etc. What a dedicated bunch!!

Anyway, 12 turned up at HQ on a bright but chilly morning ready for what would be for most, their biggest challenge so far this year.

The Route

A nice easy start to the route where we got to see some Kelham island action as we veered our way towards the foreboding hills in the distance, a steady climb from Hillsboro to the Crematorium at the top of Jawbone saw us all gather en-masse before the hair-raising descent (-8%) into Oughtibridge.

Immediately into Cat 3 rated Burnt Hill (9%) was enjoyed by all (cough!!) before we twisted and turned our way through some lovely scenery (despite the gathering clouds and hint of sleet!!) on towards ‘Deliverance’, several minutes of climbing later we converged at the top where I was first asked, how far to café? Not far I decreed and onwards we went enjoying the rejuvenating descent into Midhope, across the reservoir and onto the café.

Fuelled up and refreshed we tackled climb after climb and then the small matter of Hermit hill before we gleefully descended for the last 10k or so home to HQ. Cracking!!

Café Stop

A busy little spot for sure. A couple of other teams had already settled in upon our arrival along with a group of bikers, we still managed to find a couple of benches and ordered inside. A very pleasant waitress took our orders comprising of bacon butties, carrot cake, coffee’s etc. After an understandable wait time we were brought our coffees by a rather nervous waiter who looked like he was bringing out mugs of highly volatile liquid such was his pace and concentration. Coffee was large in size and tasty, cakes were fresh and tasty, process were really low and the chat was good.

Group Riding

Excellent group riding through Rotherham and Sheffield, everyone was in great spirits. We did our best to keep tight as a group despite the traffic lights other plans for us. Everybody battled their own demons on descents and climbs but always waited for others to catch up at junctions and peaks. I think everyone really enjoyed the challenges this route posed and lessons were learned about descending and climbing for sure.

Next ride is the Introduction to Club Riding on the 8th April.