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Ride Report - Markham Grange

Another 11 of us made the trip out to Holly's Tea Room at Markham Grange. New club members Darren and Ravi joined us as did club member Rob - first ride, but been a member for a while.

We're now up to 15 members.

The route

A long flat ride out to the other side of Doncaster on a clear day made for some great riding.

We had closed roads on fresh tarmac for a part which was brilliant.

The head wind on the way back? Not so much.

We thought we'd got lost at Yorkshire Wildlife Park but no, we did our own little tribute to the Spring Classics and went down a dirt lane - suitable for road bikes - and much fun was had.

Much of the route was on scenic back lanes, this is another one we'll do again.

Café stop

It took us a while to find the café, we seemed to be getting close for about 5km.

Buried deep within the Garden Centre was the café. It was okay, but that's just it.

I think we'd been spoiled the week before at RSPB Old Moor, so even though we'll do the route again, we'll probably look for another café stop en route.

Group riding

Again, this is something that we're getting much better at. One thing we still need to consider though is crowding out junctions.

We need to stay in our 2 abreast column as it makes it easier to manage. This we can tackle on our next ride though.

Keep up the good work!

For those that are interested, the next ride is a short one out to Sprotbrough to watch the Tour de Yorkshire.