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Ride Report - Monsal Head

On a very gusty and bright Sunday Morning 8 Club members, joined the 61.7mile/99km ride out to Monsal Head in the Peak District.

The Route

The route started off flat but full of potholes as we headed into Sheffield town centre and towards Ecclesall road, once we rode past Endcliffe Park we started climbing Started towards Ringinglow the highest part of the route at over 1300 feet. Near the top of the climb the gale force head wind took hold and two had to abandon due to the high winds. 6 of the group continued down the technical decent of The Dale towards Hathersage which was made even more of a challenge with the wind.

Once in the valley the group had shelter from the wind a pushed on towards Abney and Grindlow Gliding Club the second climb of the day. Once over the top the group descended towards the famous Monsal Head. At the bottom the group could see the café at the top ,all that stood in the way was a steep 12% gradient which all the group managed to get up with no issues.

After the Café stop it was a fast ride down towards the final climb of the day helped by a very strong tail wind. All that stood in the group’s way out of the Peaks was the final climb of Froggatt with a steady gradient of 5% but over 3 miles long. The entire group managed to get to the top and the reward was a fast ride through Holmesfield and back into south Yorkshire and back home.

The entire group who completed the route also completed the months 100km Gran Fondo and over 5500 feet of climbing so kudos to all who attended.

Café Stop

This was Sitwell CC’s first visit to Hobbs Café at Monsal and we weren’t disappointed with a wide range of drinks and cakes and amazing views, we will be visiting again in the summer months.

Group Riding

With all the climbing on this route it was difficult to ride together but all waited for each other at the top of each climb with plenty of encouragement and support all the way. Lee even started a new singing the Sitwell Cycling Choir. All in all a good ride which ticked most of the boxes -, good conversation, decent café, new roads and a good accomplishment so early in the season.

Next ride is the Introduction to Club Riding on the 25th March.