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Ride Report - Retford

We enjoyed this route and the cafe stop at the Broomwagon in Retford so much that we were eager to give this one another go.

I think this will be done a few times a year we like it that much.

We started out with 7 leaving the village on what turned out to be a glorious day.

We had 6 club members, including our newest recruit Arun and long time friend of the club Gary tagging along.

We now have 22 club members. Thanks for your continued support.

The link to the Facebook gallery is here.

The route

The same route as we've done before with no modifications, a quick 30km extremely flat ride out to Retford and the Broomwagon Cafe, then the very scenic 50km back to Whiston, skirting around Tickhill and Maltby.

No real challenges to note, just plenty of smooth rolling tarmac. The glorious weather helps.

Café stop

There's not much more to say that can't be said in this tweet.

Group riding

Stuck together well throughout the ride as it was easy to do with only a small amount of riders.

All club members are really improving as the weeks progress. An increase in average speed and confidence on the bike makes for happy riding. Well done everyone.

Our next Sunday club ride is this weekend, 26th June. A new ride out to Hardwick Hall. Andy will be leading.

See you there.