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Ride Report - Sherwood Pines

Rubbish weather always seems to dampen the spirits so it was no surprise that only a hardy three club members made it out for another of our visits to Sherwood Pines.

The Route

As per usual the Kitchener Trail was the order of the day. It's hardpack surface holds up well in the rubbish weather.

Lots of flowy single track. It's all great fun.

We spent a good 15 minutes this time taking on the pump track, gradually gaining more courage to clear the table tops, but stopping short of the ones on the far left which would require a bit more than the skills we had on offer.

As per usual we then hit the downhill run. But only managed one run before Jonny's chain managed to get wedged between his chainring and his frame.

After breaking the chain to free it he damaged a link so had to gently ease it back to the cafe as not to do more damage.

Trail Riding

Good skills on show, no crashes. All three were really enjoying themselves before the chain mishap.

And something else

When Jonny's chain snapped and the realisation that he'd forgot his tools set in he asked round the group to see if any of the other has had a chain splitter.

Apparently the others didn't think this was an essential piece of kit to have with them.

Let me tell you now, it is. On more than one occasion it's saved my bacon so maybe this is something you should look to add to your kit bag.

A good multi-tool will include one but they can be purchased separately. The Topeak Universal Bike Chain Tool is highly rated and can be picked up for pretty cheap. Currently £6.99 at Halfords, even less if you use your BC discount.

For those that don't know how to split their chain. GCN as always, have a video on this.

The next club ride is a road ride to Retford Airport this coming Sunday on the 5th February. Darren will be leading.