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Ride Report - The Broomwagon

Our most popular club run though just 6 of us made it out to the Broomwagon Velo Cafe this time. A few members had popped their 100 miler cherry on the day before and Simon was doing the Isle Of Man Sportive. It seemed it was just a very active weekend for the club.

We are now up to 30 members after Rick and Jonathan have signed up this week. Welcome to the club guys!

The Route

The same route as in the past was done outwards to Retford. As per usual on nice rolling roads. Coming back we cut through the countryside, the majority of it being on beautiful quiet lanes that had started to dry up after our very wet start.

A reminder that we all need to get our mudguards fitted on for the upcoming unpredictable winter months.

Cafe Stop

Simply excellent. It's a pure cycling cafe, what else is there to say.

Group Riding

As a whole this again was very good. We stuck together as a group and the only place we seemed to start splintering a bit was the last 15km before home, the wind didn't help. But we regrouped and shelter was given. It was definitely a pacier club ride, but as always was ridden to suit those out.

Our next club ride is this Sunday (2nd October). We are going to the excellent Garden Tea Rooms in Braithwell. Don't be fooled we still will be covering around 80km with 1000m ascent.

Hope to see you Sunday:-)