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Rotherham Advertiser Sports Awards Club of the Year 2018.

Bit of a lengthy title, but totally worth it. :-D

Back in late October we were thrilled to hear that we'd been shortlisted for the Club of the Year at the Rotherham Advertiser Sports Awards but never expected to win it.

In early November we attended the awards ceremony just pleased to have been invited. There were lots of worthy awards being presented and it was great just to hear all of the good sporting things that are taking place in Rotherham as a whole.

When it came to our category - Club of the Year 2018 - we eagerly awaited the result, and couldn't have been more shocked when Dr Alan Billings read out the club's name. We'd only gone and won it!

How good is that?

Big thanks to sponsors and most importantly club members, who without the club wouldn't be what it is today.

Time flies by in the yellow and green…