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Zwift it Wednesday™

Over the last four weeks, we've been running Zwift it Wednesday™ sessions to try and keep some form of group riding going. These have been a great success with the lowest turnout being 11 members. Far greater success than our regular road and off-road Wednesday evening rides have been since we came out of Lockdown in August. With a turn in the weather, we don't believe numbers for outside evening rides are going to pick up. As such the Committee has decided to keep running these until then end of January at the earliest when hopefully we'll have a clearer picture of what 2021 looks like.

We know it's not ideal, but a Zwift subscription and suitable equipment are required I'm afraid. That bit we can't control. Zwift does offer a 7-day trial so you can have a play before deciding it's something you wish to subscribe to. You can also cancel at any time so you're not hooked in forever.

To be included in a ride you need an invite. To be invited you need to follow me on Zwift.

Invites go out on Mondays. We do a different route each week. All rides use the KEEP TOGETHER option so nobody gets dropped. We ride for around an hour.

If you've got questions please hop onto the #zwift Slack channel. Plenty of folks on there are able to offer advice.

Hope you can join us.


pp/ Sitwell Cycling Club Committee